Makers' Mum #2

Makers' Mum #2

Our next maker is the lovely Oonagh who is behind Aesmo. Oonagh makes gorgeous prints and a pack of her fruity postcards would be perfect for Mother's Day! I love her attention to detail, down to the type of card she uses for her prints and the way she packages her orders. You can follow her on instagram and browse her paper goods website at

Oonagh had this to say about her mum, "My mum is a passionate, wild, genius eco-warrior-woman. She spends most of her days researching, educating, planting and building. Despite all the things that life has chucked her way, she continues on with an immense strength. I will always admire the way she is able to perceive a tricky situation and adjust."

"We are eerily similar but so completely different at the same time. She spends most of her days in mud now, but if I had to choose a piece for my Mum in her jewellery wearing days it would be this beautiful Meteorite bangle".

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