Makers' Mums #3

Makers' Mums #3

The third maker in Maker's Mums, is Julia Ogden, a painter and print maker. Julia is the most dedicated artist I know, always painting and creating! You can follow her on instagram @juliaogdenart and purchase her gorgeous art at This Penguin print would be a perfect Mother's day present.

I asked Julia about her Mum, "My mum was a librarian and my childhood was filled with daily trips to these book scented rooms with adventures and knowledge at my finger tips. My mum is a lover of information. She absorbs historical facts and is passionate about politics. She inspires me to have an inquisitive mind and an open heart."

"For Mother's day I would pick the Bar necklace for her as she likes classic jewellery and loves necklaces."

Stuck for present ideas? Check out the other makers coming up in the blog and see their jewellery picks on the homepage.

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